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How to work with ChilBo for your Toy Project
Provide us with your ideas or your own designs and get started
  • Breathing Life into Your Toy
    • The steps of making a new plastic toy are like bringing a new friend to life! First, you'll work with Chilbo's team of experienced engineers and designers, who will ask you all about your toy's personality and unique features. They'll use their magic to turn your ideas into a 3D model, drawing, or physical prototype.
  • Skeletons and Precision
    • Next, Chilbo's team will create a special mold for your toy, which is like giving them a skeleton. Skilled technicians will carefully monitor the injection molding process to make sure that each toy is made with precision and accuracy.
  • Materializing Your Toy's Unique Needs
    • Now it's time for the fun part - production! Chilbo knows that every toy has its own special needs, so they'll select the perfect materials to bring your toy to life. They'll make sure that the materials not only meet your toy's performance requirements but also any specific material requirements you may have, like being eco-friendly or safe for kids.
  • The Perfect Finishing Touch
    • Once your toy is born, it's time to make them look their best. Chilbo offers a range of surface treatments like painting, printing, plating, and coating to give your toy the perfect finishing touch. Their team of experts will help you choose the best treatment to make your toy stand out from the crowd.
  • Putting the Pieces Together
    • Finally, Chilbo will assemble your toy with care and precision, making sure that it meets all of your exact specifications. They'll even design custom packaging to protect your toy during shipping and make it look extra special on store shelves. And don't worry - Chilbo has a rigorous quality control process in place to make sure that your toy meets the highest standards.
  • Ensuring Quality and Timely Delivery
    • When your toy is ready to go out into the world, Chilbo will make sure that it gets there on time and in perfect condition. They understand how important it is to get your new friend to you quickly and safely. So sit back, relax, and get ready to welcome your new plastic buddy into your life!

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