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How to work with ChilBo for your Plastic Part Project
Provide us with your ideas or your own designs and get started
  • Design
    • Chilbo's team of experienced engineers and designers work closely with you to understand your unique needs and specifications. You can bring ideas to life whether you have a fully-formed design in the form of a 3D model, drawing, or physical prototype, or just a concept.
  • Mold Creation
    • Once the design is finalized, Chilbo's team moves on to mold creation. In this stage, Chilbo's team considers the product's performance and select appropriate materials to design and manufacture the mold based on the material's characteristics.
  • Production
    • After mold creation, Chilbo proceeds to mass production according to customer demands. Every step of the way undergoes quality control and inspection to ensure that the goods are completed with high quality and accuracy in quantity.
  • Surface Treatment
    • Chilbo offers a range of surface treatments including painting, printing, plating, and coating or more to enhance appearance and functionality. The team can guide customers in selecting the most suitable surface treatment for their product.
  • Assembly & Package
    • Chilbo offers assembly services and custom packaging solutions that meet unique sales requirements. The team assembles products with precision and care while designing packaging that protects the product during shipping and enhances its appearance and marketability. We take into account transportation arrangements and cost factors when designing packaging.
  • Quality Control
    • Chilbo implements a quality control process that covers every step of the production process, ensuring that the final product meets the requirement standards. The team conducts quality control inspections and testing at each stage of the process.
  • Shipping
    • Chilbo offers shipping services and can select the most suitable freight forwarder and transportation method based on customers' requirements. 

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