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Our Capabilities
Injection Molding
The injection molding services are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. We specialize in precision plastic parts and plastic toys, using advanced technology and equipment to ensure the products are of the good quality.
The engineering services cover the entire process from design to production. Working closely with customers to ensure their product meets their specifications, including product structure, product performance, pre-production program, product failure prevention and packaging design.
The tooling services include mold making, where we consider factors such as production efficiency, production costs, and product performance to design the mold layout.
Value-Add Solutions
A range of value-add solutions to improve the market response of our customers' products. These services include product surface treatment, logo printing, packaging, assembly, and other related services.

Chilbo (Dongguan)

Offers a one-stop service from design to production for custom plastic parts and custom plastic toys. Chilbo understands the importance of custom manufacturing solutions…  View More


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